Creating Community for a Lifetime
Update Report February 17, 2005

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Teams Now Forming!

Initiative Moving Full-Speed Ahead

CCFL Joining Forces with Other Local Efforts


Teams Now Forming!

Would you like to be part of an action-oriented group working to ensure that Kent County is truly a community for a lifetime - a community in which older adults have the options they need to maximize their quality of life?

Work groups are now being formed. Please contact Nora at (616)222-7012 or to learn more.

Complete Listing of Work Groups

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This issue of the Creating Community for a Lifetime newsletter includes information on how you can get involved in the next phase of the initiative - creating specific recommendations. Read on to learn how you can be a part of this important effort!

  • Initiative Moving Full-Speed Ahead
  • Kent County is one of the first communities in Michigan to undertake a community-wide planning initiative focused on aging issues. Over the past year the Creating Community for a Lifetime Initiative has focused on community learning and information- gathering. CCFL activities have ranged from a kickoff community forum featuring aging expert Marc Freedman to a comprehensive community survey of how well Kent County's older adults are faring.

    Based on these findings, nine work groups are now being commissioned to address the opportunities and challenges presented by our aging population. The groups will focus on setting priorities and creating strategies to address specific issue areas that play a critical role in the well-being of older adults.

    Please review the list of work groups and the recommendation development process!

  • CCFL Joining Forces with Other Local Efforts
  • Four of the work groups - those focusing on caregiving, transportation, affordable housing, and home modifications - are being integrated with existing community planning and coordination activities.

    The Caregiver Resource Network has agreed to take the lead in creating caregiving recommendations for review by the CCFL Core Council. Their next meeting is February 22 and they welcome new participants! To learn more about how you can join in, please contact Nora Barkey at (616) 222-7012.

    Two sub-committees of the Kent County Emergency Needs Task Force (ENTF) will help create recommendations for creating an elder-friendly community: Transportation will address transportation issues for older adults and the Grand Rapids Area Housing Continuum of Care will address home modifications and affordable housing through two of its Vision to End Homelessness project teams. For more information about how CCFL will be linking efforts with ENTF, please contact Kate Luckert at (616) 454-1751.

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