Creating Community for a Lifetime
Update Report November, 2005

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CCFL Work Group Recommendations

CCFL Update


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CCFL Work Group Recommendations

Check out the first set of approved CCFL work group recommendations for creating a community for all ages in Kent County:

Stay posted for additional recommendations on Access to Health Care, Community-Based Services, Housing Affordability, Home Modifications, and Physical Activity and Nutrition - coming soon!

Creating Community for a Lifetime Sponsors

Ensuring Kent County is a community that optimizes quality of life, independence and choice for older persons and all residents through collaborative planning and community action.

  • CCFL Update
  • Visit the current activities page of the initiative website for complete details on each work group.

    Physical Activity and Nutrition Work Group

    The Physical Activity and Nutrition work group is addressing the issue of health and wellness, the benefits of illness prevention, access to healthy food choices, and the need for programs and policies to support choices and activities that ensure elders remain healthy and active as long as possible. The work group is co-chaired by Margaret Biersack and Tom Oosterbaan and is expected to finish their recommendations shortly. Click here for more information.

    Access to Health Care Work Group

    Co-chaired by Paul Ippel and Teresa Branson, the Access to Health Care work group is wrapping up their work. The group is addressing the issue of unmet mental and physical health needs, use of screening and basic medical care, and financial issues related to medications, in order to ensure elders are healthy and their quality of life is enhanced. Click here for more information.

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    For a complete listing of all upcoming CCFL meeting dates click here.

    Learning Opportunities

    Click here for a listing of upcoming forums and conferences throughout the region. The listing includes an invitation to the Michigan Elder Friendly Community State Assembly which will include a presentation on the CCFL!

  • The Big Picture
  • 2005 CCFL Community Forum: The Bonus Years and the Community Response to Aging Issues

    Thanks to the longevity revolution that has added „bonus yearsš of good health and life to the average lifespan, we now have an opportunity for a new stage of growth, development and change. This was the message from health and aging expert Abigail Trafford, the keynote speaker at this year‚s Creating Community for a Lifetime (CCFL) Forum on October 7. „It‚s a time of gearing up, of regenerationųnot decline and retirement,š Trafford told the 250+ participants.

    In addition to Trafford‚s keynote address, the community forum featured updates on CCFL‚s local planning activities around aging issues Ų including recommendations from four of its workgroups. The Grand Rapids Community Foundation also announced plans to invest up to $250,000 in the next two years in projects aimed at increasing volunteerism and employment among older adults in Kent County. Click here for the full story.

    Putting the „Bonus Yearsš to Work: CCFL Social and Civic Engagement Work Group Points the Way

    How can we in Kent County prepare to make the most of the talents and capabilities of the increasing numbers of people approaching their bonus years? That‚s what the Creating Community for a Lifetime social and civic engagement work group has been studying Ų and they offered a roadmap in the recommendations they released at this year‚s Forum.

    The work group focused much of its attention on the need to strengthen the local social and civic engagement infrastructure Ų by improving access to information, strengthening organizational capacity to address the needs and preferences of older adults, and providing opportunities for adults beyond mid-life to make substantive contributions to their communities. Click here for the full story.

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